About the Contributors


Jenn is a high school language arts teacher and she also manages to juggle an alternative program for at risk high schoolers. She’s also working on her M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction so that she can be endorsed as a Reading Specialist. In her free time, she has no free time. She loves to teach, cook, hike, spend time with her significant other, and play with the boyfriend’s two amazing children. Guilty pleasures include wine, blogging/writing, sushi, watching the food network, and cheeseburgers.  Excited to branch out into this new blogging adventure with her two friends, Jenn is looking forward to collaborating and experimenting with new dishes, as well as finding new ways to trick children into eating healthier food.  You can find Jenn’s other blog, Happiness is a Warm Oven, here.


Katie is a middle school language arts teacher at an alternative charter school. In the small amounts of free time that is muster-able, Katie enjoys chasing her rowdy two-year old, spending time with her wonderful husband, knitting, cooking, reading for fun, and hiking. Katie has come a long way in her cooking adventures, and is starting to feel pretty confident in the kitchen. Recently, her family has gone (mostly) gluten and dairy free! It has been and exciting and refreshing change of pace in the kitchen. Katie is excited to be a part of this collaborative blog, and hopes that many tasty experiments are created.


Diana is a high school science teacher at an urban public charter school, and has taught science classes previously at a bilingual school in Honduras.  She also has no free time, but when she finds some, she enjoys hiking, camping, reading, knitting, going to church, and, of course, cooking!  Diana enjoys learning to make authentic Central American recipes for her Honduran husband, getting him hooked on Indian and Thai food, and looks forward to raising her new daughter in an internationally-inspired kitchen.


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