Apples & Oats for Baby


For Cooking for Kids month, once again, I needed to borrow my friend Cheryl’s kids.  Lauren is 8 months old and is trying new foods one by one in her diet.  It sounds like baby food is so easy to make–since much of it does not have to involve cooking–so I wanted to try a recipe that felt like “big people cooking.”  Never mind that you just throw everything in the blender in the end anyway. 😛

Since Lauren had tried apples and oatmeal previously (albeit separately), I thought this might be a good recipe that was just familiar enough but a little bit new with the addition of the raisins and cinnamon.  Nothing crazy, now!


The assembled ingredients


Cooking the fruit with the oats


Blending it up

lauren eating oatmeal



The recipe says it yields 3 cups but I got more like 4 1/2!!  What a deal!

My modification to this recipe was that I used steel cut oats and cooked them first, adding the apples in later.  I thought the blender would take care of the firmer texture of the oats but it probably came out much chewier than if I had done it with rolled oats or “baby oats” as the recipe suggested.  Since Lauren was trying this food for the first time, she was not super excited about it on her first try, but Cheryl assured me that on her second try (in the above picture) she loved it 🙂

Education notes: It would be a good math/home economics exercise to see what a similar amount of purchased baby food would cost and compare!

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