Cooking for Babies

This month’s theme is “Cooking for/with Kids”. I love this theme. Jenn, Diana, and I are all mothers, and we all cook, thus, cooking for our kids and with out kids is an important aspect of our daily routines. 

Carmen, my adorably busy and opinionated girl is almost two and a half. I’m still not sure where all those days went. I just went to a baby shower over the weekend, and after drooling over the freakishly cute and tiny onesies and sleepers, I had a hard time picturing Carmen as a teeny-tiny newborn. Thus, the inspiration for this post: Cooking for Babies. 

Once it was time to embark upon the world of solid baby foods with Carmen, I found myself overwhelmed with all the baby food options. Canned, jarred, pouched, organic, Gerber, make your own…I thought my head was going to explode trying to figure out the best option for baby girl. We ended up doing a mix of jarred and making our own, which worked out well. We wanted Carmen to be a well-rounded eater, so we didn’t shy away from giving her a wide breadth of foods. Here are some of my favorite, easy-to-make, Carmen-approved baby foods:


Avocados are a great first food for baby. They have tons of good nutrients, and the texture is easy for babies to maneuver. I didn’t want Carmen to get sick of plain avocado, so one day, I mixed fresh mango and avocado in the blender. Carmen loved it! The flavors and textures went really well together.

Lentils, Kale, and Applesauce

One day, I was trying to figure out how to use up the tons of kale from our garden, and also a way to get Carmen some more leafy-green veggies. I blended up a random mixture of lentils, kale, and homemade applesauce (for sweetness). Another hit with the Munchkin. Score for hidden veggies and proteins, masked by the deliciousness of applesauce that no child can deny.


About sewkatie

Katie spends her days laughing (and negotiating) with a spunky, rambunctious toddler, attempting to convince middle schoolers that writing and reading aren't such horrible things, and waiting for that time of day when everything settles down and she can snuggle in with her handsome husband. Katie loves to cook, craft, read, and spend time with her family. She blogs to share her thoughts on teaching, food, the handmade life, and navigating the world with her wonderful family.
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