PW’s Coma Potatoes and Toddler Approved Meatloaf

We just finished dinner. Wow. Everything was pretty close to perfect. The potatoes were perfectly cooked through and the cream sauce was garlic-y and rich. I added some sage and thyme to it as well and I’m glad I did. Henry and I both went for seconds for the potatoes, took a couple more bites, then hit our respective walls. I am about ready to pass out.

These blew Betty Crocker’s out of the water, but let me tell you, this is definitely not a side dish you can make every night. Or even every week. It’s a special occasion side dish–but could be made less rich and heavy with the omission of the heavy cream.

The meatloaf was excellent as well. The only complaint on the meatloaf was that the bacon wrap doesn’t get crispy. No one in this family are members of the flaccid bacon fanclub. I know there are card carrying members out there–and more power to you. It’s just not for us. Next time, I’ll add the bacon to the potatoes! 🙂


About Jenn C.

English and Alternative Education teacher. Love blogging, cooking, hiking, and spending time with loved ones.
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