Sheepish Potatoes au Gratin

The easiest and cheesiest

The easiest and cheesiest

I made a grave mistake. At approximately 8:00 pm on Saturday night, I drank an enormous cup of coffee. Not long after, Henry came home from work and we went to Big Lots to get an area rug, then to Winco to do our weeks’ worth of food shopping. When we came home, Henry played Planetside 2 and I proceeded to blog about meatloaf. I drank wine, got sleepy (or so I thought), went to my room, watched a cute movie starring Jason Segel and Susan Sarandon, and expected to fall asleep. Henry came in around 12:30, and finished watching the movie with me. Then we watched two Breaking Bads. Then we got into one of those silly spats–you know–the one where I am being ridiculous and he just wants to sleep? Yeah. One of those. Three am and I grab my blanket and head to the couch. And I curl up into the fetal position and I can feel my heart beating in my chest. Rapidly. I try to breathe deeply and all I can think about is how immature I am sometimes and how I have no idea what I’m going to teach third period on Monday.

Four am. I get up and clean the kids’ room. Four thirty am. I’m on Etsy, getting Henry’s birthday present. Five am. Blogging. Stupid, stupid, stupid. The kids get here in six hours and I cannot decide whether or not to make coffee or climb sheepishly into bed.

Plan C? I could prep the potatoes au gratin I plan to make tomorrow (yikes! tonight!).

My mom made au gratin potatoes at least once a week when I was a kid. You know the kind? Betty Crocker’s finest. Salty, cheesy, soft potatoes that there never seemed to be enough of. Everyone always wanted seconds. I never really bought them as an adult until I met Henry. I kind of (well, blatantly, actually…) scoffed quite regularly at the idea of pre-made, processed food stuffs like Betty Crocker’s au gratin potatoes. Then I started cooking for kids with palates pretty much set in place by everyone who has fed them before me. So. I stopped being snooty about those damned potatoes and started making them. And boy, does that almost two year old gobble them up with glee.

That being said, knowing how much this little family likes those boxed potatoes, I wanted to find an easy recipe that could rival Betty Crocker’s and make the kids equally happy. Here is where the Pioneer Woman comes in. Here is her recipe for Perfect Potatoes au Gratin. I am really trying to decide right now if I am really going to begin making them at 5:30 am. Doesn’t that sound a bit crazy? Instead, I think I will make some chamomile tea and save the potatoes for later tonight.

Stay tuned…


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English and Alternative Education teacher. Love blogging, cooking, hiking, and spending time with loved ones.
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