The Pure Kitchen – Maple Glazed Root Vegetables

Mmmmmmm root vegetables…I bet you say that phrase a TON. Believe it or not, I do – at least for most root veggies. This recipe involves a mixture of rutabagas, turnips, and carrots. They are roasted with vegetable oil, and then coated in a maple syrup and chicken broth reduction. It’s a delicious, warm, and inviting side dish that wonderfully compliments a roast, or other meat dishes. A bonus of this dish? It gets tastier the longer it sits in the fridge and soaks up more of the saucy goodness. Also, my toddler loves the finger-sized portions and the hint of maple syrup.

I have made this dish twice. The first time, I couldn’t find rutabagas as the store, so I substituted parsnips. The parsnips were a wonderful substitution. I found the turnips to be slightly odd. I had never eaten them before. They were OK, but definitely not my favorite. The second time I made this dish a few weeks ago, rutabagas were easily found, and I stuck to the recipe. I still thought the turnips were strange. I think what I will do when I make this recipe again is either substitute parsnips for turnips, or add parsnips into the mix, and use a smaller amount of the other vegetables. I’m not quite ready to give up on turnips. I feel like they need a fighting chance, perhaps in another dish. Do any of our readers have a turnip dish that they enjoy? Please share!

Below are some pictures of the before process. I forgot to take pictures of the after. 😦

Rutabagas, turnips, and carrots peeled and ready to be cut up.

Rutabagas, turnips, and carrots peeled and ready to be cut up.

All cut and ready to roast.
All cut and ready to roast.


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One Response to The Pure Kitchen – Maple Glazed Root Vegetables

  1. dianagwen says:

    I had my first turnips in Scotland as part of the ever-present side dish, “neeps and tatties,” basically turnips and potatoes. Oven-roasting (with olive oil, salt, pepper, and rosemary) is my go-to method of preparation for pretty much all root vegetables and they always come out wonderfully!

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