The Pure Kitchen

IMAG2236I LOVE this cookbook. Love it. My mom bought it first, and while spending a weekend at her house, I started to browse through it. I initially fell in love with the long introduction. I know, who reads the introductions to cookbooks? Generally not me. However, The Pure Kitchen spends its first 50 pages explaining the “pure” idea, what ingredients the author keeps in her kitchen, and also what utensils and equipment she uses and finds most helpful. There’s something about the long introductory section detailing out the purpose and usefulness of ingredients and hardware that hooked me. Klecker breaks down the details of gluten, refined sugar, and dairy, and the effects they have on a person’s body and mind. She also gives a great guide on how to set up your own “pure kitchen.”

I went gluten-free about the same time I purchased this cookbook. Perhaps much of my sentiment comes from the timing. The Pure Kitchen covers breakfasts, baked goods, snacks, hearty meals in a variety of meat and non-meat options, sides and salads, and desserts. I have cooked something from every section of this book except desserts.

The recipes are simple and easy to follow. Klecker gives tips on things that can be prepped ahead of time, to save you time, which is something this mom adores. I am always on the hunt for ways to get ahead of the game.

And now, the best part: recipes!

Black Bean and Quinoa Patties


This recipe rocks. The patties were hearty, vegan, super flavorful, and painfully easy to put together, especially if you have the quinoa made ahead of time. I made these patties during a week where I was already planning on using quinoa as a side, so I made extra to toss in to this recipe. Klecker recommends chilled quinoa as it helps the patties stick together. Her advice is generally spot on, and I tend to not stray from her hints. I did once on a different recipe; she wasn’t lying.

The best part about this is the ease in which it all comes together. You toss everything in the food processor, mix, form into patties, fry, and eat. It takes maybe 20 minutes to get all of it done. It’s great for a night when you don’t want to cook, or are too tired to invest much time in a meal. I want to make these again to put on salads for lunches, as I think they would make a fantastic addition.


Black Bean & Quinoa Patties frying away, happily.


Waiting to be fried.


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Katie spends her days laughing (and negotiating) with a spunky, rambunctious toddler, attempting to convince middle schoolers that writing and reading aren't such horrible things, and waiting for that time of day when everything settles down and she can snuggle in with her handsome husband. Katie loves to cook, craft, read, and spend time with her family. She blogs to share her thoughts on teaching, food, the handmade life, and navigating the world with her wonderful family.
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