The Moosewood Cookbook–Gado-Gado

For my last adventure in the Moosewood Cookbook, I wanted to make a point to try another one of the international recipes in the book.  This particular one said it was from Indonesia, a country I do not particularly know a lot about, but the recipe was mostly veggies with a peanut sauce base, and I have loved other peanut sauces from Vietnam, Thailand, etc.  Plus, I love the idea of just more interesting salads that make me actually want to eat them.

I made this recipe for my dad and me, since I had gestational diabetes during my pregnancy and my dad just found out that he is diabetic.  He was having a hard time with the frustration of “great, now what do I eat?” so I decided to make something yummy that would be good for both of us.  In fact, this ended up being the last meal that I ate before I went into labor the next morning so I felt like I was giving my daughter a good, healthy start coming into the world!

The recipe:


The peanut sauce:


Assembled ingredients:


The sauce cooking (I used my immersion blender again to make a smooth, creamy sauce that came out great!)


Assembling the salad:


The possible ingredient combinations (we didn´t use everything, but we had some great results–I HIGHLY recommend the addition of the Trader Joe´s chili-lime cashews on top!)


The bottom layer of veggies:


Pouring on the sauce:


Yummy toppings and final touches!


Education notes: Fostering lifelong learning is a goal for most teachers.  I also try to encourage students not to take everything at face value and to do their own research.  I kept that in mind while cooking this recipe–how authentic was it, anyway?  I did a basic search and found out that the recipe (at least as I prepared it) was closer to karedok, a raw vegetable version of the dish.  See: .  While the Moosewood Cookbook version allows for more flexibility in the composition of the veggies and toppings, there seems to be a prescribed composition for a more authentically Indonesian dish.  I would love to hear from anyone who has family in Indonesia or who has traveled there to see how this compares to their experiences.

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2 Responses to The Moosewood Cookbook–Gado-Gado

  1. emteixeira says:

    I have my own copy of the Moosewood cookbook at home. It helped me when I transitioned to vegetarianism last year. I also blogged about it! I love your educational note at the end.

  2. dianagwen says:

    Nice–glad you enjoyed it and thanks for stopping by! There is so much variety in that cookbook–it truly is an all-purpose gem.

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